Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Do You Think About Scheduling Tools?

I need to get my work done. I need to meet, and so I send out an email.
Stuff accumulates in my Inbox, but worse than that - stuff accumulates in my head. I become stressed and inefficient.
Here is how it works: I open my calendar. I search for available times. I start to type into my email "I can meet on thursday march 20th at 3 pm, or friday march 21st at 1 pm, or .....". Sometimes I'll block out these times in my calendar - but then forget to remove the proposed times after a final time is confirmed, and end up with zombies in my calendar. On other occasions, after all the responses are in, I am not available anymore. Back to square one.
Meanwhile, more stuff to think about, to worry about, to manage.

This is the current state of scheduling, and more essentially, of driving business forward. Modern electronic calendars are great and useful, but while good at calendaring (i.e. graphically representing temporal information), how useful are they as *scheduling* tools?