Friday, September 15, 2006

Bridging the gap

One of the basic premises behind TimeBridge is the ability to optimize activities, scheduling and calendaring while letting our users continue to work from their own familiar environment. Given that our target users are busy professionals, we have integrated our services into Outlook (other platforms will follow). In this light, our Outlook extensions are much more than a simple plug-in - as a whole they create a seamless bridge between Outlook’s desktop and the world of web services. As Jeremy Zawodny said a couple of months ago “Nobody has made it easy to bridge that gap” - I agree - turns out that this level of integration is one of the most daunting technical challenges we face today.

As we believe this is critical, we have spent a lot of engineering time working with and around the Outlook application which is fraught with pitfalls and limitations. Microsoft doesn’t help much, and I wonder if they’re missing a trick or playing one?